Mensa Select winners

Mensa Select SealEach year, members of Mensa meet over one weekend to play and rate the year's newest board games. The top five games earn Mensa Select® distinction and may display the Mensa Select seal on their packaging.

The seal indicates that a game is original, challenging and well designed. Indirectly, it indicates that a game is original and creative in concept, challenging, a good value for the price, easy to comprehend and play, and, above all, fun! Look for the Mensa Select seal when purchasing games.

Winning Year:
Game Name:

Amalgam (2017 winner)

Amalgam Manufacturer: SimplyFun
Description: Fill your cauldrons with an amalgam of ingredients to create the most potent potions. Use your memory to collect as many as the same type of ingredients for the strongest results.
Players: 2-4
Age Range: 10+

Around the World in 80 Days (2017 winner)

Manufacturer: IELLO Games Around the World in 80 Days
Description: Around the World in 80 Days is racing game in which you’ll have to time your advances wisely, waiting for the right moment to cross the finish line!
Players: 2-6
Age Range: 10+

Clank!: A Deck Building Adventure (2017 winner)

Clank!: A Deck Building Adventure Manufacturer: Renegade Game Studios
Description: Delve into the dungeon to collect precious artifacts. But be careful not to make any noise! The angry dragon may be upset that you are stealing her treasure!
Players: 2-4
Age Range: 12+

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle (2017 winner)

Manufacturer: USAOPOLY Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle
Description: Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle celebrates all the magic of Harry Potter through a series of progressively more challenging adventures with highly immersive game play experiences.
Players: 2-4
Age Range: 11+

Imagine (2017 winner)

Imagine Manufacturer: Gamewright, Inc.
Description: Imagine a game that becomes the life of the party. Combine, overlap and even animate the special transparent cards in this fast guessing free-for-all. With 61 unique icons and more that’s a thousand prompts, it’s a game as big as your imagination.
Players: 3-8
Age Range: 12+