Entry requirements

Please review the following requirements and the entry process before entering your game.

  • Manufacturers must submit an entry form and entry fee to American Mensa by March 18, 2017. After games are reviewed and approved, based on information provided with your entries, instructions for shipping games will be provided to you.
  • Games must be received by April 14, 2017. Games received after this date will not be judged. Refunds of entry fees will not be given for games that are not received by April 14, 2017
  • If your game is not approved for competition, you will be refunded 70 percent of the entry fee.
  • Board games, card games and other types of table and party games for any number of players are eligible. The competition is not open to games that are incomplete or not yet in production. We cannot accommodate video, electronic or computer games, or any games that take an inordinately long time to set up and play. Average playing time should be 90 minutes or less.
  • Entries must have entered, or will enter, national distribution between June 1, 2015 and June 1, 2017. National distribution means the game is readily available to anyone in the United States. The entry should be available, either currently or no later than June 1, 2017, either in stores or online, to customers across the United States without customs considerations or international shipping fees. For games sold only through the Internet, the Chief Judge will make the final decision regarding eligibility. Please include at least one website on your entry form where your game is available for sale.
  • Games and similar versions of games may only be entered into one Mensa Mind Games® competition. If a game is substantially updated and revised, so that game play is essentially new, the manufacturer may submit a copy of the old and new rules; the Chief Judge will determine eligibility. Cosmetic changes do not constitute a substantial update.
  • Once approved for competition, manufacturers must provide six complete copies of the game and 10 extra sets of instructions. All materials for game play (batteries, cards, etc.) must be provided by the manufacturer. Manufacturers may choose to submit a seventh copy of the game that will be circulated to Mensa events after Mind Games 2017.
  • Manufacturers or their representatives are not permitted to be present during judging of games.
  • The Chief Judge determines game eligibility, and the decisions are final.
  • Manufacturers of winning games will be notified no later than April 26, 2017. All manufacturers will be notified of competition results by June 2, 2017 and will receive comment cards from event with judge’s comments/suggestions.
  • The five winners agree to use the Mensa Select® seal and/or its reference in the promotional support of their game. Winners also agree to provide two additional copies of the game for marketing purposes. More copies of the game may be requested to create media interest and/or to respond to media inquiries.

The five winners agree to use and display the Mensa Select seal in one or more of the following ways:

  • Printed on winning game box (required)
  • Printed in winning game’s instructions insert
  • Included with additional game collateral
  • Mensa Select seal electronic badge on winning game’s website