About Mind Games®

Mind Games bannerThe Mensa Mind Games® competition provides an opportunity for game manufacturers to compete in one of the most respected and recognizable national games competitions, while having their games reviewed by some of the nation's most avid game-players — members of American Mensa.

Each year, 300 Mensan participants, or "judges," play and critique games released in the past year and award the coveted Mensa Select® seal to the top five vote-getters. Past winners include Scattergories, Trivial Pursuit and Taboo.

Mind Games is 40-plus-straight hours, from Friday morning to Sunday. Judges tend to play around-the-clock, breaking only for food, drink and sleep. Hospitality is open 24-hours, but unlike the Hospitality experienced at gatherings, it is intended only for quick refreshment between games.

Board games, card games and other types of table and party games are eligible; games may be designed for one or more players. Games are judged on aesthetics, instructions, originality, play appeal and play value. Judges fill out comment cards for each game. After the competition, each manufacturer receives the comment cards, which show the age and gender of players and include their ratings and comments regarding the game.

The competition is not open to games that are incomplete or not yet in production. Video, electronic, computer games or any games that take an inordinately long time to set up and play cannot be accommodated.