I've never been to Mind Games before. What should I expect?

First of all, you'd better come ready to play. Each judge is authorized to play each of approximately 30 games to its conclusion at least once between Friday and Sunday morning, and you must complete a comment card — legibly — for each game you play, each time you play it. The comment cards will help you score each game in five categories: aesthetics, originality, play value, play appeal and quality of instructions. If you play your allotted selection of games, you're welcome to play and judge any of the other 20 or more that will be entered in the competition.

When it comes to the Mensa Select voting, you're expected to vote for the games you would buy for yourself or your friends. You're expected to give the judging your best effort but also remember that scoring is not a group effort — and please don't attempt to influence the other judges. We want every judge's unvarnished, unique opinion, and that means yours too!

And finally, although Mind Games is a nationally significant event and your participation is crucial to its success, you're expected to relax and enjoy yourself! After all, if you didn't come to have fun, what's the point?